Drone Photography and Video
Drone Photography and Video

Drone Photography and Video

Chicago Drone Service

Taking the world by air inexpensively has been a luxury we have only had for a few meaningful years. 360Nash is qualified and certified by the FAA and IACRA to professionally shoot your property from the sky. Our equipment is outfitted with 4k video technology, and RAW still imagery. When there is no substitute for getting up in the air to show proximities, accessibility, or adjacency, Chicago drone photography and videography make it simple. Most of our drone shoots lend themselves to a video creation afterward that showcases the agent and contact information.

Chicago Drone Imagery - You are Covered

Aerial imagery and video is often the finishing touch and essential to a comprehensive understanding of a project and property. Our drone can legally fly up to 400 feet to capture the best of Nashville has to offer. Is your property near an airport or heliport? Cozzi Home Tours will make the necessary calls, and communicate with the FAA to obtain adequate permissions to fly in a certain area. This is included in our service and does not cost extra.

The Pan, the Glide, the Liftoff

We pan, we glide, we liftoff. There are a number of common shots we will use when we create a video for you. The dramatic liftoff showing the ascension into the sky is a popular one. Gliding along a river where the foreground is moving faster the background, or backing out of a shot to reveal the breadth of full property.

Give Us an Excuse to Fly

Let's face it, flying is fun! We invested in this toy, and now we need you to give us a reason to use it. Whether you have acreage to showcase or want to show the vision and proximity to the location of your listing, aerial is the only way to fly.

We offer the very best in aerial photography and video. Whether you have a space that is residential, commercial, or you have an event that is best covered from the air, we can handle it.  We are affordable, professional, and ready to make your acquaintance.

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